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  • Stand out from the competition and drive more ticket sales with Billetto

  • Unlock the power of effective promotion and advertising tools to sell more tickets with ease

  • Gain valuable insights and streamline your event planning with Billetto's 360 overview

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3.90% + 0.9 € Paid by the ticket buyer.
per paid ticket (Ex VAT)

Optional addons

Build the perfect setup for your events

Billetto Advertising

Don't have an advertising budget? No problem, Billetto's got you covered by creating effective advertisements for your events across social media, newsletters, and external partners.

Price: No upfront costs. Defaulting to 33% Ex VAT of tickets sold directly with Billetto Advertising. Other pricing options available. Learn more

Additional payment methods

Expand your ticket sales with a wide range of payment options - Klarna, Paypal, and more. Plus, enjoy free card, Google, and Apple Pay. Additional payment methods are paid by the organiser.

Price: Ex VAT. Learn more

Custom payouts

Get paid faster with Stripe Connect - Receive your ticket revenue instantly in your Stripe account, no more waiting until after the event.

Price: Visit Stripe for more information.

Here's what you can make

Quickly estimate your ticket revenue & fees

Frequently asked questions

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Who pays the Billetto fee?
By default this cost is passed on to the ticket buyer. However you have the choice to absorb the cost into the ticket price. This option is found on the tickets page of event creation or editing under the advanced options for each ticket type.
When will I get paid for my event?
The payment of revenue from your ticket sales will be processed within 3-5 working days after the completion of your event. This will include a receipt / invoice with a full breakdown of your revenue and fees. Alternatively you can use Stripe Connect for instant payouts.
Is there a fee for free tickets?
Nope, your free tickets will always be free with Billetto.

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