Event planning checklist template

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Whether you have a house dress-up party or a major science conference in mind, you have to plan your event well in order to get people in and entertained during the event. We've put together a sample event planning template you can adjust to the size of your party. The gist remains the same: plan well ahead and you'll need to worry little during the event itself.

Way before your event starts
    Date: Make sure it doesn't clash with anything major if possible

    Location: Based on the number of guests
    Guests: identify your audience. This will make some of the decision below easier
    Food/Drinks: get quotes in writing based on a guesstimate for the number of guests
    Staff: it could be your friends or you might need to get volunteers
    Staff roles: decide who does what before & during the event
    Speakers/Performers: check their availability for the date you've chosen
    Sponsors/partners: make a list of potential partners assign a staff member to contact these
    Promo plan: create a plan, assign staff roles
    Ticket fees: decide on fees & extra merch

Just a few weeks away
    Event: create a page for your event
    Tickets: make sure your tickets are easy to find and buy
    Promo: send out emails, list event in relevant groups, request staff & participants to share
    Media: confirm photographer/videographer. Allow media to register for your event
    Location: confirm all the technical details at your venue
    Logistics: make sure guests & participants can get to your venue
    Running order: put a running plan together & update your staff/participants
    Brief: run a final brief with your staff to make sure your plan is solid

On the day of the grand event
    Location: check wifi, confirm all technicalities, put all material in place, check decorations
    Material: make sure to have a copies of sitting, guest lists, staff responsible
    Staff: run pre-brief & mid-day brief if needed to see if you're on-track with your plan
    Contact: make sure everyone has contact details in case of emergency
    Participants: run brief about running order, pass on contacts for any questions
    Media: make sure media has all the right contacts & passes
    Promo: collect stories, photos, videos, social media impressions
    Guests: inform guests about the running order & facilities

After the celebration is over
    Finance: gather all receipts, update budget, get payments
    Promo: send thank you notes, upload presentations & any extra material
    Survey: send out survey to find out how your event went
    Analyse: check how many tickets were bought & when to get a picture for your next event's promo

    First step on your next event planning venture.

    Every venture seems impossible until you make your first step. Start by creating your first event today and see how easy it is to bring an idea to life when you have the right tools at your fingertips.

    Save the event for later, charge admission (or not), create VIP access and manage your guestlist more efficiently - all at your service any time.

    Just add your idea to the mix.


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