3 steps to a stellar Billetto profile.

Don't be a grey face in the mass. Add some character to your Billetto profile and use it to share all of the events you organise. If you run events on a regular basis, sharing your Billetto profile with your attendees makes for a more effective event cross-promotion.


By default, your email is displayed as your profile name. You can change this to your venue, party or your own name. People can then search for your name in Billetto and find all of the events under your profile.


Have a logo? This is a great place to upload it. Something that your event goers can recognise you by. Don't have a logo? Upload a photo, a profile picture - anything goes, really.


Use this cover to reflect the mood of your event(s). Don't have a good picture? We've put together https://billetto.ie/en/l/best-free-stock-photo-websites "> a list of some of the best places to get free pictures that don't suck.

Learn from the pros

A completed Billetto profile makes your profile and brand look more professional, credible and helps you to cross-promote other events on your profile. Just take a look at the examples below or check the profiles of our friends at Birthdays, Monograph and Yung Club x Selfridges and get inspired.

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