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Do you want to sell event tickets online? Are you looking for best ticket sites? Then Billetto might just be for you. (If we say so ourselves.)

Billetto is a ticket sales website designed with one primary purpose: to sell tickets for your event. We offer a free, plug-and-play platform that lets you create an event and start selling tickets in mere minutes.

Here's how it works: You create an event, add tickets to sell, then share and promote your event page. In turn, we…

  1. Handle ticket sales
    Your guests can buy tickets directly on your event page and pay with any major credit card.

  2. Optimise your page
    We make sure that your event page looks great on any mobile, tablet, or computer.

  3. Promote your event
    Your event page will be shared with the existing Billetto community.

  4. Provide insights
    You get detailed stats on your ticket sales. You can also integrate your event page with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

  5. Offer extra tools
    You can grab a ticket widget to embed on your website or download a free mobile app that lets you scan tickets on the day of the event.

You can even export your guest data for detailed analysis, generate physical tickets to hand out, and more.

Curious? You can have your very own ticket sales website up and running in no time.

Why Billetto?

Free to use

Billetto is free for all organisers. Buyers pay a small fee on their tickets.

Easy to set up

No coding required. Easily create and manage your event in minutes.

Ready to share

Geared for social sharing. Share all events on your social media, blog, or site.

Ticket buyer fees

Selling tickets for your event doesn’t cost you - the organiser - anything at all. We make our living from the small fee that your guests pay on their tickets. You decide whether to include this fee in the ticket price or add it on top.

Use the slider below to see exactly how our fees work.

What organisers say

Great for small associations

For a small sports club organising a sports event, everything went super well and it was easy to set up and start selling tickets. The payment went through without a hassle the day after we set up and we could continually get the overview of registered participants.

Jesper Eriksen

Fantastic for the organisers

Arranging an event is a breeze. It’s easy to create an event and the opportunities are huge. So, use it and you won't be disappointed.

Kasper Skau

Super service

As an organiser, I’m really happy with my collaboration with Billetto. Letting them handle the tickets for me has made my life much easier. Furthermore, I can always expect good, professional and personalised service from the support department.

Rita Christina Biza