Transparent pricing built for events of all sizes

Always know your ticket fees


Access to a complete event ticket sales and promotion platform with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing


  • Everything you need to manage ticket sales

  • Increase your ticket sales with promotion features

  • Zero fees when your reservations, tickets or vouchers are free

  • 33% revenue share for optional advertising

3.90% + 0.69

/ per paid ticket (Ex VAT). Max fee EUR 9.99 (Ex VAT)

No fee on free tickets


All the features you need to sell tickets to your event online

Main features

  • Public events

  • Online events

  • Bookings

  • Reserved seating

  • Private events

  • Digital & printed tickets

  • Custom order confirmation message

  • Booking questions



Effective tools to help you build hype around your event

Main features

  • Organiser profile & event calendar

  • SEO-optimised event page

  • Pop-up checkout widget for your website

  • Audience manager

  • Publish event on Facebook

  • Promotion tutorials

  • Integrations

  • Campaigns



Boost your event sales with optional Billetto advertising. No up-front fee - instead, we charge 33% of ticket revenue for tickets sold through Billetto Advertising channels

Main features

  • Expired order emails

  • Google ads

  • Facebook ads

  • Instagram ads

  • Billetto site recommendations

  • Billetto newsletter

  • Publisher network distribution



All the features you need to manage your event from the day you publish to the day it's done

Main features

  • Scan tickets at the door

  • Real-time attendee data

  • Full-featured mobile app

  • Real-time sales dashboard

  • Refund, resend and cancel tickets

  • Custom design



Our 5-star support is always available to answer any of your questions

Main features

  • Phone support

  • Guides

  • Educational emails

  • Email support

  • Knowledge base

  • Event blog


Additional payment methods

Optional localised and standard payment options

Main features

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Card payments

  • PayPal - 3.40% + 0.29 EUR per ordine (IVA esclusa)

Here's what you can make

Quickly estimate your ticket revenue & fees

* *approx. based on % uplift *excl. optional processing fees


  • Ticket price
  • Billetto Booking Fee
  • VAT
  • Ticket buyer pays
  • Your total Ticketing earnings x tickets


  • Average sales uplift tickets
  • Ticket price
  • Billetto Advertising Fee
  • Your total Advertising earnings x tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

Support and FAQ

Who pays the Billetto fee?
The organiser can choose whether to pass this fee on to the ticket buyer or to absorb the fee. This option is found in the event creator/edit page under the advanced options for each ticket type (the cog icon).
When will I get paid for my event?
The payment of revenue from your ticket sales will be processed within 3-5 working days after the completion of your event. This will include a receipt / invoice with a full breakdown of your revenue and fees.
Can I create multiple time slots for the same event?
Yes, you can. Use the Bookings feature to create an event that repeats over time: every hour, day or week.
What if I need to refund my guests?
You can refund any of your guests within your live Billetto event. We process the refunds within 3-5 working days. Please note that only the ticket cost is refunded to the ticket buyer & the ticket fee is not refunded. If the ticket is sold via the Billetto Advertising, you are not charged the Billetto Advertising fee for a refunded ticket. In case you cancel the event, we refund all of your ticket buyers, excluding the Billetto ticket fee automatically.
Can I create a private event on Billetto?
You can create a private event on Billetto that will make the event page visible only to the people that have a direct link to it. Additionally, you can create access codes for the tickets on the event, so only the people that have the special code can make a purchase. Private events do not appear on the Billetto search or recommendations. Billetto advertisements are also not run for the private events. If you have Billetto Advertising enabled on the private event, we only send abandoned cart emails as part of the service.
If my event sells out, can I create a waiting list that people can sign up on?
You can enable waiting list for any of your events on Billetto. The waiting list creates a list of email addresses for people that are interested in your event. You can download the list and send an email to them if more tickets become available.

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