Simple design

We ask for feedback from both ticket buyers and organisers to ensure that using Billetto is as effortless as possible. Get instant access to our event planning essentials directly upon sign up. It takes just 5 minutes to create a simple event. Enhance it further with an extensive list of extra features. We offer one of the easiest ticket purchase flows around. Your attendees are just 3 steps away from making a purchase. No lengthy application forms. No frustrated customers.

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Lots of features

Whether you're planning a one-off film screening or a charity run with thousands of participants, we offer plenty of features to make your event a success.

  • Recurring events: Create a series of events with a click of the mouse.
  • Reserved seating: Create a seating plan & assign seat numbers to tickets.
  • Booking questions: Collect extra information from your ticket buyers.
  • Customise your tickets
  • Set up custom discounts and offers
  • Enable a waiting list if your event is sold out
  • ...and much more
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We handle the payments

You don't need to set up a business payment account or worry about handling transactions. We take care of payment processing and offer the most popular payment methods around: All major credit cards, local mobile payments, and PayPal.

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Manage events on the go

Take advantage of Billetto features on your smartphone, from checking how your sales are doing to scanning tickets at the door. Download our app for iOS or Android to start tracking your live event.

Event data at your fingertips

Your event dashboard starts showing key data as soon as you sell your first ticket. Monitor your ticket sales in the Sales Overview, download a detailed Sales Report for a rundown of your financials, or look into Audience Insights to learn more about your attendees. Want even more data? You can always connect your own Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics account.

Superb customer support

We take special pride in our oustanding customer support. Access our collection of articles with detailed answers to the most common questions about Billetto. Stuck or need help making Billetto work for your specific event? We're always just an email away.