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What's Billetto?

Billetto is the space for all your student parties and events.


Create your event and description using a simple template with event artwork, location and other specifics.


Add tickets to your event: free tickets for free events to limit the space, paid tickets for events with a fee. Billetto has some of the lowest fees around for paid events.


Billetto comes with a full set of tools to help you succeed with your events: promotion, analytics and tracking. Plus a free app to scan tickets on the day of the event. No more spreadsheets and unnecessary printouts.

Still using Excel & Sheets?

Excel, Sheets and Forms are great tools for your class projects. But, event organisers rarely use them because they're messy and inefficient for keeping track of your event participants. They're also unprofessional. Billetto has everything you need to organise a perfect event: ticketing options (including Free tickets if you have a free event) that can be limited to your event capacity, a good looking event page and analytics tools that are already built-in (and are free to use). Use your time for studying rather than working out how to limit cells in Sheets.

What kind of events are you organising this year?

Tickets help manage your event better. A few reasons to add a ticket link to your event (even if it's created on Facebook): you can limit the amount of spaces available for your event, get paid quicker and more efficiently for your event, appear more professional and trustworthy.

Arranging one of the below this year? See how Billetto can help you make these events even better.


Create your event, pick a venue and add tickets. Let other students know if the party is open or make it completely private. Have an option to do an Early Bird sign up or add VIP tickets? Add tickets and limit the amounts with a few simple clicks.


Add special tickets for peeps that are going to show up in costumes. Start promoting your party early - Halloween is just around the corner.


When it comes to organising a good party or event it's never to early for the "C" word. Make sure that peeps attend your party by arranging and startign to invite early. Add special tickets with "Secret Santa" options & additional fields to get the dietary requirements for your guests.


Create Early Bird, General Admission, VIP, Speaker and Volunteer tickets for your upcoming conference. Keep an eye on the stats and see if you need to add or remove any of the tickets. See which attendees you need to promote to with an extra kick.


Limited for space for an upcoming meetup or a workshop? Arranging an exclusive wine tasting? Limit the amount of tickets one can get for your event (even when it's free) to make sure you don't overbook and disappoint.


The most efficient way to collect payment for your organised student trip, from ski trips to brewery visits. Add separate tickets for deposits and full values to make sure your trip is booked properly.

Why wait? Start organising your next event now.

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