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Create your event on Billetto today and you will get more than just an event page. Here are some of the Billetto features you will get access to right away:

  • Be promoted on Billetto
    Unless you've made the event private, of course.
  • Scan your guests' tickets at the door
    This way you'll be certain that your attendees have paid before you let them in.
  • Create exclusive events
    You can e.g. require each ticket buyer to enter a pass code in order to buy tickets.
  • Combine ticket sales with data collection
    Get rid of last minute emails asking for details. Simply let people select a vegetarian or meatlover menu when they buy their ticket.
  • Offer discount in specific periods
    Early ticket buyers can e.g. get a lower ticket price or a free t-shirt.
  • Sell merchandise as well as tickets
    Sell bracelets, souvenirs or anything else on top of the ticket.

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Prices and fees

Billetto makes it easy to start selling tickets to your event, and it doesn't cost you as an organiser anything at all. We make our living from the small fee that your guests pay on top of the ticket price. Check our current prices, and remember that it's up to you as an organiser to decide if the fee is included or added on top of the ticket price.

As you can see from the events on Billetto there are no limits to what you can sell tickets to, all you need to do is get started.

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Plenty of successes

Billetto has over several years been used by lots of successful organisers:

The Color RunRed BullViceProtein

We're cooperating with The Color Run, Red Bull, Vice Inc., Pumpehuset, RAW, Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University, Protein Agency, RUST, Iværk&Vækst, Bella Centret, Christiania, KB3, Hotel d’Angleterre, Studenterhuset, Ørestad Gymnasium, Aalborg Universitet, Københavns Hovedbibliotek, and countless others...

More than just tickets

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Additional Billetto Services

Billetto is growing rapidly because both our organisers and our ticket buyers are happy with our platform. However, we have found a number of different services that may make you even happier.

We can e.g.:

  • Provide staff that scans tickets at the event entrance
  • Help finding sponsorships for your event
  • Promote your event on the Billetto website and in our newsletter
  • Provide marketing advice
  • Help with international expansion of your event
  • Share best practices regarding event logistics

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