Creating an Online Ticket Shop

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As a brand, the fruits of your online marketing are likely aimed squarely at getting people to visit a page to see info about your upcoming events. This could be a Wordpress-hosted website, a Tumblr blog, or something else.

For the sake of keeping things brief, let’s assume the goal of event organisers boils down to a simple two-step process:

  1. Drive traffic to an event page.
  2. Convert this traffic into ticket sales.

The set up – and making the leap from step 1 to step 2 above – can be done in a few different ways. Namely, by sending your visitors somewhere else to complete their purchase (like a Billetto event page), or by selling tickets on your own website.

The “flow” you choose is a personal preference, based on your brand and how you’d like your fans to view and interact with you.

Wherever you house your events online, you should think of it as a one-stop shop for tickets to all of your events. Give fans a place to go where they can discover your latest announcements and what you've got coming up next. They may have arrived via a link for one event, but can quickly discover that you've got plenty more coming up which grabs them too!

Getting Started

Whatever your setup, the goal should be to make buying tickets to your events as easy as possible for your customers. How you achieve this depends on a few factors – for example budget, technical ability and time. Whatever the case, be sure to plan your own unique concept and how you envision a home for your online ticket sales and event promotion.

If, like most organisers, you host events regularly, you should think in terms of a single "Ticket Shop"; a home which showcases all of your upcoming events and gives visitors an overview of upcoming events.

You'll see this is often the case with established venues or event promoters, who will have sections of their websites devoted to Events or a calendar of upcoming shows. in this way, visitors can navigate through, discovering new events as they go.

For newly minted event organisers, however, the infrastructure behind that setup is potentially very time consuming. This is where your profile on Billetto can come in handy. Your customisable profile is a free way to showcase all of your events in a single, beautifully designed page, giving customers easy access to all of your content in one place. Just create your events as normal, and all of them will be listed under a custom profile page. Check out an example below, showing upcoming events by our friends at Rockfeedback.

Pro Tip

If you already have a beautiful, easy-to-use site which you manage yourself, you may want to keep everything “in house” and sell tickets on your website. Use Ticket Widgets to showcase available tickets for your event as a simple embed (similar to a Soundcloud or Youtube embed). Find out more about how to add Ticket Widgets to your website or blog.

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