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Organising an event or running a fundraiser for Movember? With Billetto you can set up your Movember sponsorship or fundraiser form in just a few minutes. Learn how through the steps below.

1. Choose the name & set the date

Are you running a fundraiser for the duration of November or is it a one-off event? Name your fundraiser form, pick the dates and a place (in case of an event).

2. Write a description

Write a description for your event & include pictures (of yourself, your tashe or your Movember team pre- and post- tashe growing efforts). Don't know what to write? Get inspiration from these 11 Killer Billetto Event Descriptions. . Tips: Looking for sponsors? Write out in detail what sort of perks each sponsor gets for their donation/sponsorship fee; or use this space to update your weekly tashe efforts with pictures & thoughts.

3. Add donation options & sponsorship fees

You can select "Donation" as an option for your sponsorship/fundraiser form. A "Donation" gives you an option to receive any amount of funds. If you'd like to set up a certain fee as a donation, you can choose a "Paid Ticket" option and rename it into "Supporter", "Participant" or whatever elese makes sense for your sponsorshi / fundraiser page. If you're looking for sponsors to donate a certain amount for certain perks, you can also select the "Paid ticket" option and choose the quantity of the sponsors that can sign up to sponsor something particular. Example: If you're organising a Movember Fundraiser Fun Run, you can look for sponsors to donate for their logo to appear on T-shirts, water tanks or the finish line banners. Create a few ticket types for these sponsorship options & outline the details in the description. Don't forget to limit the amount of tickets available for each option - there are only so many logos that can fit on a T-shirt.

4. Upload an image, publish & share

Remember to upload an image for your sponsorship/fundraiser form. No idea what to upload. Check out these 11 Killer Event Header Images That Work or look into stock images from some of the best websites we've seen.

Create your Movember sponsorship / fundraiser form now

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Need inspiration?

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