5 Unexpected Billetto event page uses for food businesses during Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is an American tradition, a good number for American expats will be celebrating the occasion with a traditional dinner on the 24th of November away from homeland. And if you're in business of providing fresh produce, cooking traditional dishes or decorating tables, there are several ways you could help these few to have a beautiful and delicious set up during the Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Take-away dinner box

Create a ready-to-pick up Thanksgiving dinner box with a turkey, gravy, preserves, greens and sides with an option to pick up a pie for dessert too. Use Billetto to limit the amount of boxes available on the day and add a description to what's available in every box.

2. A call-out chef

Think you can cook-up a mean Thanksgiving dinner in someone's home? Create an event with the description of your services, what you will be cooking and what is and is not included in your chef's fee.

3. Dinner table designer

Dinner table design is a special art. Create an event on Billetto offering your designer services for setting up the Thanksgiving dinner table & remember to add pictures of your previous work or an actual Thanksgiving table set example.

4. DIY fresh produce set for dinner

If you're in business of providing fresh produce, this is a great occasion to put together a themed box with everything that's needed for a Thanksgiving dinner. it only takes a few minutes to create an event on Billetto, and it gives you a simple version of a booking system for creating a list of deliveries for your boxes on the day.

5. Pop-up dinner special

Pop-up Thanksgiving dinner is a great way to get people who wouldn't be bothered to organise a dinner themselves or would like to celebrate Thanksgiving with people they have not met yet. Set up a communal table and get cooking!

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