5 Movember event ideas from Billetto organisers

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Anyone can put together a Movember event and raise money for a great cause, and you don't even have to grow your own tashe for it. Here are just five examples of successful and simple past Movember events from Billetto organisers.

1. Movember Pub Crawl

Beers + mos = perfect combination. 1 BIG NIGHT OUT PUB CRAWL have taken something that they do best (pub crawls) and spinned it on the theme, generously donating 50% of all the profits to the Movember foundation.

2. Movember Bingo Special

"Tash’es aren't just for men daaarhling." The Musical Bingo & the Bogan Bingo Bazza's join forces to create an ultimate bingo night in the name of charity with pizza, bingo & great prizes in tow.

3. Movember Fundraiser Run

Probably one of the most classic events to organise and one of the most effective ways to fundraise: organiser a run or a fun run. The number of participants is only limited to the amount of people you can handle in the open space, and most of the time you don't even have to set a venue or reserve a location for this one.

4. Movember WOD event

Hosting a CrossFit class? You can choose to donate part or all of the participation fees to the Movember foundation with a special Movember-themed class for your regulars or host a special one-off event.

5. Mos + Yoga = Moga

Yes, Moga is a thing during Movember. It's a wonderful reason to organise a one-off special or an ongoing event series in November and help a great cause as a result.

Excited for Movember? Start creating your fundraising event now.

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