11 event page descriptions you should totally copy

Short for words? Having a bit of a writer's block? You really don't have to aspire to become the next J.K. Rowling to write a great event description. Just have a look at some of the best description from the current Billetto organisers and get properly inspired.

1.Food: Monograph

Great use of every media available: there's a short (but oh-so-mouthwatering) description of the event, short video teaser, reviews and great high-quality images from the event (remember: pictures tell a 1000 words).

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2. Course: Solar Eclipse

Just reading the description makes one feel calm and serene + this description adds to urgency to book a ticket (of you don't have your own yoga mat to bring).

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3. Music: Sons of Kemet

The most important thing to know about a gig before you get there? What does the band sound like. Especially if it's not a well-known band. Use the unlimited space to showcase the band and their discography. Bonus for name-dropping some famous familiars.

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4. Entertainment: The Terror Tour

Organising guided tours? Take the potential attendees on a textual tour and leave some questions to be answered at the end to make them even more so curious.

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5. Night Out: Eye Candy

This description carries over the tone of exclusivity. How is it done? By avoiding too much slang, using words like "luxurious", "lavish", "glamorous" and "velvet ropes"; showing off the venue with a fantastic picture and the brief history with some impressive references.

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6. Theatre: A Veiled Threat

A perfect way to whet an appetite for an upcoming theatre performance is to leave the preview description at a slight cliffhanger.

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7. Arts: What's Your Type?

Great example of expanding on the concept of the event for those who might not be sure if the event is for them. "No experience required" - is a good tagline to use to lure in those thinking that the event might be too advanced or inaccessible for them + making examples of the outtakes from the event in bold makes this description even easier to read.

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8. Sport: Sit-ups in the sky

What do you need to write a perfect description for a workout class? The description of the actual work out, if you're not familiar with it and throw in a few famous names for a good measure. Bonus tip: if you're serving food after class, list the calorie or protein intake per portion served.

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9. Outdoors: Silent Summer Screening

Organising an outdoors event is as tricky as attending one: you need to know what to do in case of bad weather, what things to bring and how many. Make sure you think through every possible scenario for your event and outline these in description or T&Cs, if needed.

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10. Conference: 1-Day-Startup

Conferences, talks, presentations and hands-on workshops are about people with expertise. What value does your chosen speaker or specialist provide? What knowledge does he/she has on the topic and why should everyone pay attention and attend. Also, remember to expand on the agenda for the day divided into activities.

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11. Charity: Walk MK for MK Snap

This description works great for a charity event: it gives a brief overview about what this charity is about and what you're going to involved in. Mentioning the sponsors and adding their logo is a great detail.

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