ZEIT : An Evening of Electronic Music

May 24 2017 19:00 - 21:00

RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre, Blessington Rd, NA Dublin 24

Presenting Z E I T : An Evening of Electronic Music; with live performances from three unique EM artists, representing three very different genres of electronica all rooted in the pioneering era of electronic music from the 1970s on through to the 80s and 90s.

Z E I T is an electronic music artist collective borne out of a common passion for synthesizers and electronic music from the past, with the aim of bringing this passion into the present within an intimate performance space; and to create an aural and visual zeitgeist of electronica, producing an immersive experience into electronic soundscapes and cinematic soundtracks.

Z E I T also offers an opportunity to see up close the electronic instruments that are currently enjoying a renaissance and being discovered by a new generation of musicians ready to carry the baton forward and create future genres of electronica.

Performing at this inaugural Z E I T event are:


PolyDROID is a solo Irish electronic artist producing melodic, cinematic electronica, created using inorganic beats and vintage synth noises. With influences ranging from Kraftwerk, Cluster and Kuedo, to the soundtracks of John Carpenter, Vangelis and Ben Salisbury, PolyDROID's sound is a contemporary exploration of the most cinematic of electronic influences. An exploration of bleeps, blips, arpeggiations, blistering synth riffs and swelling synth pads.

Since the release of his debut album ‘Machines of Pure and Loving Grace’ in 2013 on Spanish label Cold Beats Records, PolyDROID has been concentrating on film making, as well as his work in the Dark Wave synth duo KuBO, who have released several singles and EP’s since they were formed in 2012.

To make the experience as ‘live’ a possible, PolyDROID will be joined on synths by his KuBO partner Aidan Casserly, and on Modular Synth by Richard Duckworth of ‘Analog On’


Bouvetøya is an Irish based synthesist and EM composer from the stable of the German electronic music label SynGate Records. Bouvetøya’s style draws on influences that are clearly rooted in the early Berlin School pioneers Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching, and with a nod of respect to more recent contemporaries such as Node, Redshift and Ian Boddy.

Inspired by traditional Berlin School sounds generated by sequenced analogue synthesizers, Mellotron, and vintage organ; Bouvetøya makes a rare Dublin appearance to play an improvised live set containing segments from his albums past and present.


Enticing memories through complex layers of harmonious landscapes and poetic symphonies; Glitchy, synthy, downtempo, beeps n doots maker Bocuma has been producing his own brand of noise since the early Amiga demo scene, Since then he has released a number of albums, most recently the critically acclaimed ‘Orphans of the Sky’, and is currently making a prolific impact on the indiegame scene soundtracking for such titles as ‘Void Raiders’, ‘Story of a Cube’, and the up and coming ‘Boss 101’ game.

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