SooJung Ann - 30th Birthday Piano Recital

Sep 15 2017 19:30 - 20:30

Irish Polish Society, 20 Fitzwilliam Pl, D02 YV58 Dublin 2


Mozart 12 Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman" , K. 265/300e

Debussy Children's Corner, L.113

Chopin Waltz Op.34 No.1

Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2

Liszt Spanish Rhapsody, S.254

* refreshments and drinks will be served after the recital.

Pianist Ann, Soo-Jung


‘Inspiration beyond time and space!’…

‘First place winner of the Beethoven competition!’…

Ann, Soo-Jung received a storm of applause from a big audience for congratulations. The grand and profound excitement once again, it was a truly unforgettable performance!

(Von Marie-Louise Funk/ Music Critic)

“Leading next-generational pianist with rich musicality and excellent techniques like storm and gale”

Pianist Ann, Soo-Jung receives global interest as a leading next-generational pianist with rich musicality and excellent techniques like storm and gale. At the younger age of 11, she played Chopin’s Piano ConCerto No. 2 with the Wieniawsky Philharmonic in Poland at the invitation of Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Korea in 1999 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Chopin’s death, showing her musical potential to the world.

Ann’s musical background further developed in 2000 when she entered the Yewon School and began to learn from Professor Lee, Hae-Jeon. In 2003, she joined the Korea National University of Arts as a young talented student. Since then, until the graduation of the bachelor’s course, she cultivate her skills and ability under the teaching of Professor Kang, Choong-Mo, to expand her musical understanding.

While practicing and developing musical ability, she was selected by Professor John O’Conor of the Irish Royal Academy of Music to pursue the master’ and successively the doctor’s courses under his teaching, further enriching her repertoires and artistic understanding to master mature musical skills.


* 1st Prize 5th International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn, Germany (DEC. 15, 2013)

* ABM-Prize 2013 WINNER Piano Academy Eppan, Italy (Oct. 2013)

* 1st Prize with a Gold Medal 58th Concurs Maria Canals Barcelona 2012 (Mar. 2012)

* 4th Prize 3rd Hong Kong International Piano Competition (Oct. 2011)

* Winner’s Prize Chopin Piano Competition, Salzburg (July, 2010)

* Special Prize 2nd International Baltic Piano Competition (May, 2010) (for the best performance of Chopin’s works)

* 6th Prize Hamamatsu International Piano Competition (Nov. 2009)

* 3 rd Prize AXA Dublin International Piano Competition (May, 2009)

* Winner’s Prize Royal Irish Academy of Music Concerto Competition (Dublin) - Dec. 05, 2007

* 1st Prize &

Faith Prize International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA

Delegate Category (Tokyo, Japan) - Jan. 10, 2005

* 5th Prize International SEILER Piano Competition for Young Pianists

(Kitzingen, Germany) - May 25, 2003

* 1st Winner &

Concerto Prize Chopin International Piano Competition in ASIA for General Applicant Category (Kariya-city, Japan) - Dec. 7, 2001

* 5th Prize Moscow International F. Chopin Competition for Young Pianists (Moscow, Russia) - Apr. 17, 2000 (as the youngest contestant)

* 1st Prize Seoul Youth Chamber Ensemble - May 12, 2000

* 1st Prize Junior Chopin Piano Competition of Korea - Apr. 10, 1999

* 1st Prize Chosun Daily News Music Competition - Sept. 25, 1998

* 1st Prize National Samick Piano Competition - Jun. 12, 1998

* Grand Prize National Teenager Piano Competition - Oct. 5, 1997

* 1st Prize Eumag Chunchoo Piano Competition - May 10, 1997

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