SHAMANIC BREATHWORK IMMERSION DUBLIN // Reawakening Shamanic Consciousness

Oct 20 2019 12:30 - 16:30

The Fumbally Stables, Fumbally Ln, Dublin 8

Breathwork is a highly attuned meditative gateway into expanded states of consciousness and deep connection with self.

The breath, aided by chakra-attuned music and group processing, provides a route to the discovery of your inner landscape, healing, and trauma release. Journeyers are guided into relaxation and the practice of a simple breathing technique. From there, one trusts that whatever emerges is what’s meant to be present.

Some people laugh. Some people cry. Some people enter a state of deep and profound meditation. Everyone’s experience is different, and each experience is unique. Each time one shows up for it, breathwork takes them wherever they need to go.


This immersive workshop will journey through the elements of The Spiral Path of Change, exploring: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Spirit. Together, we strengthen the ability to walk between the worlds, develop higher perspectives and learn to flow with the cycles of change.

'From a shamanic perspective, we understand that change is not a linear process; it does not follow a straight line. So whenever we revisit something along the Spiral Path, it doesn't mean that we've failed or done something wrong, rather it indicates that our Soul is receiving medicine and wisdom from these experiences at a new octave.'

Linda Star Wolf


During this journey, you will have the opportunity to:

-Release limiting belief systems and self-defeating patterns
-See through old storylines
-Gain clarity of mind
-Heal emotional and physical trauma
-Cleanse and energise your body
-Balance your nervous system
-Connect with spirit and self
-Build trust in your own intuition and navigational system
-Step into deeper alignment with your Sacred Purpose
-Discover the gifts of your higher intelligence

Each experience will be intuitively channeled by your facilitator for the highest independent and collective needs of everyone in our circle.


'Thank you so much for holding safe, nurturing, supported space for me. It not only allowed something very deep to release but it really opened my heart and made me remember myself.'
'Thank you for a wonderful experience. I think I’ve found something that can help me unlock my potential and my past that is holding me back to realize my future path.'
'A truly life-enhancing experience'
'You helped me heal a part of myself I have trying to access for so long'
'I have been practicing mindfulness for years, but this is probably the most mindful experience I have ever had'

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