Pajama Movie Night Premiere : Ribbon

Dec 09 2017 10:30 - Dec 10 2017 00:30

The View, 1st floor, 400053 Mumbai

Media Konnect is excited to bring #PajamaMovieNight. For it's premiere night, we are going to feature Ribbon starring Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas. Directed by Rakhee Sandilya. Screenplay by Rajeev Upadhyay andRakhee Sandilya. Produced by Prakash Mondal and Swathi Mondal.
To be part of our #PajamaMovieNight, you need to -
a. Present 2 hundred-rupee notes and 1 fifty-rupee note,#TwoHundredandFifty.
b. Watch A #Movie. It's a #MovieNight, so please keep your emoticons outside
c. Drink a cup of #coffee for #free. Thandi mein garmi ka ehsaas.
d. Strictly #Pajamas or loose clothing. RIGHTS OF ADMISSION RESERVED.
c. #Slippers ONLY. Anything else, you need to leave them behind. Management won't be liable for any loss.
d. Relax on #VIPrecliners
e. You may buy some #Popcorn for yourself or your friends, your BAE or your maid
f. 7045140049 - If you are lucky, then we will pick up your call. But, we can't promise that you will be lucky enough to get a seat! So WAIT until the last moment and do yourself this great injustice.
g. We have repeated point #c and #d twice, it's okay if you missed it, but don't miss out the time. It starts at 10:30 PM #sharp.

General Admission

Not Available