Oil in the Blood

Market Square, Smithfield, D07 R6YE Dublin 7
May 28 2019 20:30 - 22:00
Tickets EUR 11.50
Tickets EUR 11.50

Motowitch Collective + Motoculture Co

in association with

Spike Island Rum, Bike on Board, Blackbird Motorcycle Wear, Sprocket & Hubs/Royal Enfield Ireland and YouChoose

are proud to present

"Oil in the Blood"

A feature film by Gareth Maxwell Roberts

This isn't a film about motorcycles. It's about Motorcycle people.

check out the trailer

‘Oil in the Blood’ is a documentary feature film on the contemporary custom motorcycle culture. The film is directed by life-long biker Gareth Maxwell Roberts and produced by Lucy Selwood.

The philosophy of individualism is embedded in motorcycling. The desire to be different and unique is at the root of the motorcyclist’s imagination. Modifying, customising, and changing bikes is at the very heart of the biker. Custom motorcycle culture has experienced a renaissance in recent years, and what was once a niche subculture now bears a significant influence on the international mainstream motorcycle industry.

Over the last three years, Gareth and Lucy have interviewed nearly three hundred bike builders, riders, journalists, artists and racers; the very heartbeat of this culture. They’ve communed with like-minded souls in Britain, Europe, Japan, Australia, The Far East, Africa and the US. They’ve spoken to major manufactures Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Ducati and BMW.

for more info visit: www.oilintheblood.cc



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