Lámh Module One Course (100 signs)

Mar 07 2020 10:00 - 16:00

DSI Branch Office, Third Floor, Johns College, The Folly, X91 V090 Waterford

The Waterford and South Kilkenny Branch of Down Syndrome Ireland is pleased to host a Lámh Module One course for parents and staff on Saturday 7 March 2020. The course will be held in the DSI Branch Office on the Third Floor of Johns College, The Folly, Waterford.

The attendance fee is Eur 40 per person which includes the newly reduced participant fee of Eur 32 per person plus a fee of Eur 8 per person to cover the cost of a light lunch to be served on the day (sandwiches and tea/ coffee).

(Previously the Lámh materials fee was Eur 42 per person. It has now been reduced by Lámh to Eur 32 per person)

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Branch Committee at committee@dsiwaterford.ie

More information on Lámh can be found at https://www.lamh.org/

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Module One Lámh Course

Course Overview: 

This course is for parents, staff members and professionals who have have a child using Lamh or who have started to work in an environment where Lámh is used and covers 100 Lámh signs and how to support a Lámh user.

Qualifications Required: 

No previous Lámh training required.

Course Duration: 
6 to 6 and a half hours
Course Content: 
  • Module One Lámh signs (100+)
  • Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC)
  • Lámh – brief history and development
  • Lámh signing environment

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Use the 100+ signs from the Module One Book
  • Use Lámh as an effective communication tool
  • Contribute to assessment or decision-making around Lámh use
  • Participate effectively in an established Lámh environment.

Course Materials: 

  • Combined Module One Handbook and Sign book (100 signs)
  • Membership of Lámh Signs Online www.lamhsigns.org (100 signs with the option of adding additonal signs to membership if required)
  • Module One Certificate
  • Registration on the Lámh Module One database
Accreditation Achieved: 

Module One Certificate

Additional Requirements: 

This course is of most benefit to those who are using Lámh to support a Lámh user and their family currently, as they will have the opportunity to use the signs and skills acquired.

Course Recognised by: 
Attendance Fee SOLD OUT