Introductory 8-week Fencing Course for Beginners

Mar 08 2018 18:30 - May 03 2018 19:30

St Conleth's College, 28 Clyde Rd, Dublin

Our beginners' fencing classes cover the basics of fencing and are the ideal taster of the sport. They are suitable for people who haven't previously taken fencing lessons, or for those who fenced a long time ago and would like to return to the sport. The participants of the beginners' classes are introduced to fencing rules, traditions, techniques and tactics. While learning the blade work, fencers exercise in pairs or with the coach. Acquired skills are practised further during the fencing bouts.

All elements are taught slowly and repeated often to ensure that students grasp the move - as well as understanding when it should be executed! By the end of the course the participants should have acquired general knowledge of the sport and feel competent to bout with the more experienced fencers.

The beginners' fencing lessons are suitable for anyone aged between 15 and 70, male or female, right or left handed! (There are also introductory courses for children). All fencing equipment will be provided by the Club.

Introductory fencing class for beginners: 8 weekly lessons from 6.30pm -7.30pm.

General Admission

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