Gum Takes Tooth (Rocket Recordings) plus BB84

Feb 15 2019 20:30 - 23:30

The Roundy, 1 Castle St, T12 RX09 Cork

Gum Takes Tooth:

A consistently blistering live outfit, the duo of Jussi Brightmore and drummer Tom Fug crated Gum Takes Tooth in 2009 and quickly established a unique approach whereby drum-triggered electronics are manipulated to achieve a dynamic, rhythmically driven and flagrantly unclassifiable fury that has flirted with both speaker-ripping psych-rock pyrotechnics and synapse-shredding acid house deliverance whilst stubbornly avoiding any of the trappings or cliches of either. Forging their own distinct geometric trajectory through two albums in 2011’s ‘Silent Cenotaph’ and 2014’s ‘Mirrors Fold’, their polyrhythmic sleight-of-hand proved itself as much a strength as their unique take on vocal processing. Thus, the band mapped out a landscape in which the influences of Coil, Warp Records,The Knife and Lightning Bolt were alchemically transformed into an innovative and pulverizing onslaught. 

Mavericks to the last, perpetual square-pegs and a band intent on forging onward to break all or any paradigms before them, Gum Takes Tooth have created a collection of kinetic anthems to battle everyday oppression their forthcoming album, ‘Arrow’; a searing and visceral work of machine-driven mania suffused by melancholy and elegiac atmosphere with its very human heart on its sleeve.

The band have played amazing sets at Supersonic Festival (UK), CTM Festival Berghain (DE) and Villette Sonique Grand Halle de Villette (FR).

The new album ‘Arrow’ is due on 25th of January 2018 via Rocket Recordings.

Stream the new album by Gum Takes Tooth and read their latest Q+A over at The Wire.

“Forge an impressive tumult through linking up their hyper-kinetic drums to home-made technology, resulting in the entirely unhinged and brilliant sounds”   THE QUIETUS (UK)

“In a night exceptional dynamics exploding drum group Gum Takes Tooth make a fitting climax”  THE WIRE 

“This is an hour of the most pleasurable pain, winding up sounding like true one-offs”  LONDON IN STEREO 

“Heavy as a grunting triceratops”  ECHOES AND DUST



An unholy alliance featuring Cian Moose (Wild Rocket), George Brennan (Cholera House) & Rian Trench (Solar Bears)

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