Ensemble Economique/Paddy Shine (Gnod) + more TBA

Nov 20 2019 20:00 - 23:00

Bloody Mary's Dublin, 7 William St S, D02 CV65 Dublin

Enthusiastic Eunuch presents

Ensemble Economique (Dekorder, Denovali, Digitalis) 

Paddy Shine (Gnod)

+ More TBA

Ensemble Economique
Ensemble Economique is California-based musician Brian Pyle (Starving Weirdos). His music is a multidisciplinary trip into the exotic unknown, deeply emotional and intense, moving seamlessly through sound-collage, dark noir pop, and minimal techno. It is experimental music in a very pure form, idiosyncratic and thoroughly humanistic. This Brian's third visit to Ireland and he always delivers a seriously killer show



Paddy Shine
Paddy Shine is the co founder of Gnod and has worked under various guises in the last 10 years: Druss, BB84, and his most recent project AYN SØF to name a few.

For over 10 years Shine has been a whirlwind force of frenetic electric creativity, working within a hugely wide spectrum of sound and with a multitude of different satellite projects, it can indeed be said, Shine is a Perpetual Motion Machine, no death, only transformation of energy.