Anna And Elizabeth with special guests Rue

Nov 07 2017 20:00 - 23:00

Bello Bar, 1 Portobello Harbour, D8 Dublin

Anna and Elizabeth

"They came to NPR and brought many of us to tears with some of the most yearning harmonies I've heard at the Tiny Desk. These songs are given few embellishments — sometimes a fiddle is added to a single voice, sometimes a banjo or guitar chimes in — but always the power is in the sparseness. If you've never thought your tastes would lean to mountain music, take a deep breath and soak it all in." - Bob Boilen, NPR Music

Enthusiastic Eunuch is just thrilled to be presenting two of the most exciting young American traditional musicians on the contemporary scene: Anna and Elizabeth. Elizabeth Laprelle is one of the most sought-after ballad singers of her generation and Anna Gevalt-Roberts a mesmerizing, talented multi-instrumentalist (fiddle, banjo and guitar) and singer, both sharing a desire to inspire people with the beautiful soul of Appalachian roots music.

Anna & Elizabeth stand at the vanguard of tradition and the avant-garde. What began in 2011 as two artists sharing a love of Appalachian music has evolved into a visionary project that utilizes multimedia such as visual art, movement, and experimental film. Through their immersive creative process and bold interpretations, Anna & Elizabeth pioneer new ways of understanding old songs and stories.

In winter 2018, Anna & Elizabeth will release a new full-length album produced by Benjamin Lazar Davis of avant-pop outfit Cuddle Magic, featuring Jim White of The Dirty Three on drums. This new project expands on their recent studio release, the 7-inch vinyl single Hop High/Here in the Vineyard--also produced by Lazar Davis and his collaborator Alec Spiegelman--which signaled a new sonic direction with its sparse banjo and fiddle lines, pulsating pump organ, electronics, and swooping woodwind and string arrangements.

“There's something truly inspiring about this collaboration between 25 year olds from southwest Virginia... and a very special treat for lovers of pure traditional singing and playing, afficionados of the great ballad, and anyone that gets excited witnessing culture carried forward with mastery, love and a profound and real understanding of what makes old material great.” - Sing Out Magazine

These young women follow in the footsteps of many of our idols and mentors who've gone before, and they do them proud. - Alice Gerrard



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